Hot Tub Issues & Solutions

When it is finally time to relax and unwind after a stressful week, your hot tub feels like the perfect getaway. But when you get in only to realize that the jets don’t work or the water isn’t hot, it is just another thing to add to the list of stressors that you were trying to escape from. Before you get too overwhelmed, try these tips to get your hot tub working properly again so you can get some much-needed relaxation.

Failing Jets

First, start off by turning each jet and making sure they are open. Check them for debris and clear the jets, if needed. Top off the water, clean your filter, and check for plumbing line clogs. If you recently refilled your hot tub, there may be an air lock. The air may be forced out by turning your jets on and off a few times, or you can try loosening the top fitting of the pump until air begins to escape and you can see some water, but then tighten it back. 

Noisy Pump

Have you noticed a growling noise coming from your hot tub, or perhaps a high-pitched squeal? If your hot tub pump is growling, your pump may be struggling for water. You will need to clear any clogs from the circulation system, top off the water, and make sure any valves near the pump are open. If you hear a squealing sound, try lubricating the bearings of your pump. However, you will still likely need to replace the circulation pump sometime in the future.

Ice Cold Water

If your hot tub is not hot whatsoever, check your water level and then check for clogs in the circulation system. Then wash or change your filter. Next, try flipping your heater breaker off and on, or hit the reset button on the heater. If your water got too hot or there is air trapped in the lines, the high limit switch may have shut the heater off, so resetting it will get it working again. 


Owning a hot tub means taking proper care of it throughout the years. You will most likely need to replace its parts at some point, and age will take its toll as the years go on. In order to keep your hot tub in the best condition possible, follow a regular maintenance schedule that includes balancing your water chemistry on a regular basis. If you notice low water levels, top off the water. Open the hot tub’s cabinet every so often to check for signs of wiring damage or leaks.

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