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Aboveground Pools

Rising Sun offers aboveground pools from AquaLeader (non-buriable), one of the top names in the industry. There is a design and a size that will fit any budget. All the pools are manufactured using a revolutionary synthetic resin injection process, giving these pools outstanding design, strength, and durability. Let us enhance your backyard with a pool of your dreams today.

The Aqua Leader injection molded aboveground pool incorporates the latest injection-molding technology; graphite-reinforced synthetic resin to provide you with years and years of carefree swimming pleasure. With synthetic resin, you can say goodbye to all the scraping, painting, and other costly chores that go hand in hand with metal frame pools.

Synthetic resin is a material that has already proven itself time and again in numerous applications: pool filtration systems, office equipment, construction, automotive products, and aircraft components where strength and durability are absolutely essential.

The advanced technology of injection molding enables the components to be reinforced with a sturdy cross-ribbed process.

Why Choose an Aboveground Pool?

Superior Strength and Durability

  • Solid resin construction for a lifetime of beauty and strength
  • Sophisticated injection presses produce perfectly molded parts that fit together precisely
  • Rust-proof, high-grade support where you need it most
  • No sharp edges to cut or scrape
  • Resin does not get hot like steel
  • AquaLeader resin pool components will never rust or corrode


Rising Sun Pools offers an extended premium warranty coverage on our aboveground pools. This new 3-year full Premium Coverage is the most complete protection and service available anywhere. This exclusive offer covers water, labor, etc. on both the liner and also on the pool kit! These warranties cover anything from liner defects to pool kit defects such as rusting walls, offering our new aboveground pool customers peace of mind when purchasing their pool*.

*Please note that the Liner Defect Reimbursement is up to $500 and the Pool Kit Defect Reimbursement is up to $750. 

Read Our Aboveground Pool Buyers Guide

Interested in building an aboveground pool? This is the perfect place to start! Our guide will navigate you through the intricacies of buying your perfect aboveground pool, from the planning process, to the installation and everything in between. 


Rising Sun Pools offers financing for pool and spa projects. Click here to find out which of our financing options are right for you.

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