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Aboveground Pool Buyers Guide

Interested in building an aboveground pool? This is the perfect place to start! Read below to learn how to navigate the intricacies of buying an aboveground pool. 


Where will you put your
aboveground pool?

Size and Shape

What size and shape will fit your backyard?


How will your pool be made? What materials will you use?


What keeps your pool
running properly?


Learn about the installation


Lights, covers and everything
in between. 


Make your pool stand out
with decking. 


Planning is the most important part of any pool project: swimming pools vary in size, but it’s important that the size of your yard meets the requirements for your pool design. This saves many headaches later on.

Pool placement is also important. Sunny areas will help keep your pool water warm, but you’ll want to keep the pool away from windy areas, as wind blowing over a pool can greatly increase evaporation. As a general rule, pools should be 8′-10′ from trees.

Make sure that the pool is easy to access and see from your house and think through walkways, patios, and decks you may need or want to add. Also consider decks, patios, slides, and spas and build in extra room if needed.

One final check before visiting your local pool builder is HOA and town regulations. Do you have permission to build a pool? Are there any zoning regulations? Don’t develop too far until you know all the laws in your area.

*Please note that aboveground pool permitting is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Size and Shape

One of the earliest decisions you’ll have to make is what size and shape pool best fits your project.

The size of your pool will depend on the amount of space you are willing to allot to a pool. The smallest pools are 12 to 18 feet in diameter and the largest can go up to 30 or 33ft round or 18 x 33 or 21 x 41 foot oval!

The shapes of aboveground pools are generally limited to two styles:

  1. Oval pools maximize available yard space and provide room for laps, water basketball, volleyball and other family sports.
  2. Round pools are easy to install and offer more pool for the money spent.

For families with just one child, or only entertaining on the weekends, you can go with a smaller pool. Families that plan on having 6+ people often should build at least a 24′ pool.

The height of a pool can range from 48" to 54".


Today’s pools feature sophisticated engineering and ultra-durable materials. Usually, a vinyl lining is laid over a supporting structure made of steel, aluminum, wood, or resin. Resin offers advantages over other types of materials in that it does not get hot, rust, or corrode like steel or aluminum and it requires little maintenance. 

Injection molded resin results in strong and maintenance free pool components:

  • Permits the flexibility to curve forms reinforced with diagonal ribbing
  • Reinforces the components and curves top seats for a truly round top seat
  • Enables a sturdy snap-on process eliminating most of the hardware for reduced assembly time and effort
  • Ensures maximum resistance while being lighter and more rigid than steel
  • Retains little air for even consistency and strength throughout
  • Permits texturing, arching, and detailing for superior quality and style

If you are looking to use a salt system you cannot have a steel pool. You will have to buy a resin pool.


After you have chosen the components for your pool, you must select the equipment that keeps your water clean. Hayward offers filtration systems that help you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it. Pumps and filters work together to ensure that water circulates properly and that you are able to get the most out of your pool investment.

Pumps – The heart of your pool system. The pump creates a vacuum which pulls water from the pool through an automatic skimmer and then on a journey through a filter and other accessories such as a heater or chlorinator before returning to the pool. Most pumps are quiet and will help you keep your pool immaculately clean. Rising Sun Pools offers the Power-Flo Matrix® pump for aboveground pools. A 2-speed pump upgrade is also available.

Filters – Help keep your pool clean by catching any undesirable grass, twigs, and other debris. Rising Sun Pools offers the Pro-Series Top Mount sand filter for aboveground pools which offers superior control over your filtration.


Aboveground pool installations have a number of steps and should be completed by a trained professional. When a Rising Sun Pools Above Ground Pool is installed our Installer will:

  • Level the ground – it is very important that the ground surface for your pool is firm and solid. The pool area must be free of rocks, roots, or other sharp-edged objects. Our Installer will level the ground up to 20" for no charge.
  • Place patio blocks under all uprights
  • Sand bottom base
  • Bond pool wall
  • Install filter system and assemble ladder
  • Removal of all trash from worksite

Rising Sun Pools aboveground installations do NOT include:

  • Permits
  • Water to fill
  • Backfilling, landscaping or drainage
  • Tree or stump removal 
  • Dirt removal from pool site
  • Electrical work 
  • Installation of ladder – Rising Sun Pools will not put the ladder inside the pool. You will need to do this once proper safety fences and gates have been installed.

Be sure to call NO CUTS at 800-632-4949 before starting your project to ensure no underground wires or gas lines will be damaged by our digging.


Heaters – Heaters allow you to start your swimming season earlier and extend it later. Allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable water temperatures possible. A heater increases the value and efficiency of your pool.

Cleaners – Automatic pool cleaners keep your water sparkling. They vacuum everything from microscopic dust to large leaves and help make maintenance a breeze.

Salt Systems – Salt systems reduce the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your pool. These are a perfect alternative to traditional chlorine for those with sensitive skin. Rising Sun Pools carries Aqua-Trol Aboveground Chlorination products.

Lights – Lighting inside and around your pool offers safety and ambiance.

Solar Covers – Covers keep water clean and retain heat when pool is not in use.


To get the feel of an in-ground pool with your aboveground pool, adding full decking is an option for many pool buyers. The decking not only creates a space for entertaining but increases the safety of your pool area as well as helps to hide pumps and other accessories.

Rising Sun Pools has partnered with a number of trusted contractors to help you complete your whole backyard project, from decking to landscaping. Ask your Rising Sun Pools representative for more details.

When choosing furniture for your deck remember cushions need to go into a covered area, otherwise your cushions will stay wet. If you don’t plan on building a covered area into your decking, then shop for Marine Grade Polymer or Sling patio furniture.