Hot Tub Placement: What You Need To Know

Hot Tub Placement: What You Need To Know

Hot Tub Placement: What You Need To Know

Hot tubs and spas can really elevate the luxury feel of your home. But to make your backyard into the oasis you’ve been imagining, you’ve got to nail the hot tub placement. 


In this blog, we discuss…

– The safety, maintenance, and energy efficiency components of hot tub placement.

– The pros and cons of indoor and outdoor hot tub placement.

– And placement considerations for hot tub site preparation.




There are a couple of safety and health-related factors to consider when choosing a spot for your hot tub or spa:


– Electricity – An electrician will need to confirm that you have the proper electrical components, wiring, and parts in place to power your hot tub.


– Moisture prevention – On the fence between an indoor and outdoor spa? Indoor hot tubs make it much harder to prevent moisture-related issues, like mold, mildew, or structural damage.




Poor hot tub placement can make routine maintenance a lot less convenient. There are two aspects to consider:


– Ease of access – if your hot tub needs maintenance down the road, it needs to be in a spot contractors can reach without disturbing the rest of your property. Double check that your equipment access panel isn’t obstructed.


– Bad weather – If the Raleigh area gets hit by some bad weather, you aren’t going to  want your spa to be too far away from your home (in case you need to adjust the cover or do some routine maintenance).



Energy Efficiency

Did you know hot tub placement can have a major impact on energy use? For the greatest efficiency, you’ll want to choose a location that gets plenty of sunlight but provides cover from rain and wind.



Local Regulations

Are there any city codes or HOA rules outlining where you can and can’t install a spa or hot tub? Will you need a special permit? A quality hot tub installation company will stay on top of all these local logistics FOR YOU!



Indoor VS. Outdoor Hot Tub Placement

Your choice whether to install your hot tub outside, in a screened-in porch, or entirely indoors will impact many other factors – from site preparation to energy efficiency.


– Outdoor placement – For many of us, the scenic views are a critical part of the spa experience. But outside hot tubbin’ also means exposure to the elements (and more maintenance).


– Screened-in porch placement – In a covered porch, you still get some of the benefits of an outdoor spa. Yet, you’re protected from the elements and may even be able to use your hot tub year-round.


– Indoor placement – In-home hot tubs are awesome for people who hate the feeling of stepping out of the warm water into frigid winter air. That being said, finding the space may be a challenge. Plus, you’ll have to figure out a way to minimize the humidity in your home.



Preparing the Site For Hot Tub Placement

More often than not, homeowners decide to install their hut tub outdoors. Before you begin the installation process for your outdoor hot tub, you’ll need to check a few more boxes:


– Distance from the house – You may not want your hot tub to be TOO close to your home, but it still needs to be close enough to draw electricity.


– Level ground – For proper structural support, you’ll need a level spot that won’t make it too hard to build a solid foundation.


– Deck or patio – A concrete or stone patio should be able to handle the weight of a few thousand-pound hot tub. Whereas, your average decking may not be able to sustain such a heavy load.


– Water source – You’ll need to drain and refill your hot tub a few times every year. So, proximity to a water source is CRUCIAL.


– Drainage – When people get in and out of the spa, will the water splashing over the edge just collect on the ground? When you drain your pool, where will the water go? 


– Accessibility – The hot tub delivery team will need plenty of space and a clear path to your installation site. As will maintenance techs (if you need them) down the road.


– Landscaping – Beautiful landscaping can really transform an outdoor space. But you should be careful to avoid installing too close to trees or plants that could shed leaves and debris into your hot tub.


– Privacy – Perhaps your idea of a relaxing soak doesn’t include interruptions from your loud (or nosy) neighbors. That deserves consideration, too!



Rising Sun Pools – Raleigh, NC Hot Tubs & Spas

Want professional help deciding your hot tub placement? The Rising Sun Pools team has been installing marvelous hot tubs for decades. Not only that, but we can help you choose the PERFECT spot for your new spa or hot tub.


Contact us today to start planning.



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