Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise

These days you can find just about any excuse to skip out on getting exercise.  “Running is hard”, “it’s really hot out”, and “my body is too sore” are just a few of these common excuses.  An exercise you may not have thought of yet, swimming. This type of exercise puts an end to those excuses and is perfect for all ages.  Swimming is a great summer activity and here are a couple reasons why.

Low impact

While most forms of exercise are very physically demanding and hard on the body, swimming offers a more gentle approach.  The weight-bearing aspect of running or weight lifting can put a strain on the body and make it very uncomfortable or even painful to exercise.  Swimming takes the stress off of your joints and bones and allows you to exercise comfortably. This is perfect for those with osteoarthritis that are still looking to fit some cardio into their day.  

Works the entire body

Swimming is one of the few forms of exercise that incorporates the entire body.  Biking and running are great forms of cardio; however, they mostly just involve the lower body.  When you swim you are engaging the muscles in your legs, arms, and back. If you’re looking to get in shape this summer, a swimming pool could be all you need.  

No sweating

One of the great things about swimming is that it doesn’t get you all hot and sweaty, which I think we can all agree is one of the worst parts of working out.  This makes swimming the perfect summer activity. No matter how hot it is, you can always cool down in your backyard with a couple of laps.

Rising Sun Pools & Spa

These are just a few of the many reasons why swimming makes the perfect summer exercise.  The whole family can enjoy this activity and it gives you a great workout. If you are looking to add swimming to your summer plans and would like to learn more about finding the best location and costs, contact one of our pool experts today. Or you can also check out our website where you can Create your Custom Pool Today!

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