Rising Sun Pools’ Guide to Hot Tub Jets

Did you know that every person sitting in a hot tub has a different experience?

For many people, size and number of seats available in a hot tub are the only major concerns while shopping. But if you’re only paying attention to the size of your hot tub, you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects: the jets.

Hot tub jets provide the experience for each person in the hot tub. Jets can be used to create an intense massage or a relaxed soak. They can be used to target individual muscle groups or move warm water more efficiently around the hot tub. Each seat in a Sundance Spa has a different configuration of jets, each tailored to a different objective, so no two people will get the same hydro massage! Here are 4 things to consider when researching the jets for your hot tub:

What type of jet do you need?

Rising Sun Pools Sundance Spas line of hot tubs have 4 distinct styles of jet, each designed for different uses:

  1. Pressure Point Hot Tub Jets stimulate acupressure points
  2. Whirlpool Hot Tub Jets give a vigorous deep-muscle massage
  3. Therapy Hot Tub Jets are versatile, they offer rotating or stationary action with a swirling motion
  4. Relaxation Jets offer a gentle, soothing massage with a bubbling water motion

What is your focus?

Deciding what your area of focus will be can help you choose your jet model. If you want to focus on pressure points in the shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet, look for models that support an Accu-Pressure™ Jet. If you want more control over your massage, look for models that include the Fluidix Intelli-Jet™, which allows you to turn the jet horizontally for a lighter smoother massage or vertically for a large-muscle, deep massage.

Knowing what type of massage you’d like to see in your tub will help a Rising Sun Pools Hot Tub Specialist suggest the perfect tub for your home.

Is it better to have more jets?

Some hot tub models may advertise “more jets than any other tub,” but that does not necessarily mean a better experience. The number of jets is just one of a variety of factors that can affect your hydro massage. Equally as important as the number and style of jets is the pump that powers them. Be sure to pay attention to the hot tub’s pump strength when making your decision. If your pump can’t keep up with the size of your tub or the number of jets, you are going to have a mediocre massage.

Should I test my hot tub before purchasing?

You may be a little apprehensive about testing a hot tub in-store, but you shouldn’t be! The only way to truly know that a hot tub is right for you is to come in and experience it for yourself. Once you have discussed your options with a Rising Sun Pools Hot Tub Specialist, feel free to ask them about scheduling a time to wet-test the hot tub in-store.

At Rising Sun Pools, it is our mission to provide a quality hot tub for an affordable price. Our staff is happy to walk you through all of our hot tub models at any of our 3 store locations across the Triangle. We’re confident that we can find the perfect hot tub for you and your family.