Sundance Spas

There’s so much to love about owning a Sundance Spa: coming home to a warm hydromasssage, inviting friends over for a backyard party, experiencing the healing relief of therapy jets after a workout and seeing romantic possibilities in the sparkling light of a waterfall.

Sundance Spas has been setting the industry standard in hot tub design and manufacturing for almost 30 years, and takes pride in these accomplishments:

  • International recognition – the most certifications, awards, and honors in the hot tub industry
  • Patented components and process, including proprietary jets that deliver a massage unlike that of any other hot tub
  • World’s largest manufacturer of acrylic spas, with dealers in over 60 countries

Sundance continues to introduce features, components, and aesthetics that are widely considered to be benchmarks for contemporary luxury hot tubs. Sundance loves producing high-performance, energy-efficient spas, and because they are so good at making them, Sundance spas are backed by the best warranties in the business.

Sundance Select Series Spas

Energy Efficient & Innovative Design
Breakthrough in hot tub design. The new Select Series offers a blend of the most popular features from our 880 & 780 models and more in a new stand-alone line. It’s energy efficient & has an innovative design.

See more details about the Select Series models.

Sundance 880 Series Spas

Luxury Hot Tubs
These are the luxury spas that come to mind when planning a dream backyard. Stylish, technologically advanced and feature-rich, each of the 880 Series spas takes the concept of “having it all” to a new level.

See more details about the 880 Series models.

Sundance 780 Series Spas

Outdoor Hot Tubs Inspire a Lifestyle
Each of the 780 Series Spas is built in the best Sundance tradition of reliability and high performance, so all you have to do is relax, host a party or let the jets work on those sore muscles and joints.

See more details about the 780 Series models.

Sundance 680 Series Spas

All Sizes, Fun Shapes & Custom Options
From the smartly designed triangular Tacoma, to the big Hawthorne, these spas give you plenty of room for fun. Enjoy favorite features like waterfalls, molded beverage holders and comfy pillow headrests!

See more details about the 680 Series models.

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