Pet Safety Around the Pool

Fun by the pool starts with safety. When thinking about pool safety, it’s important to go beyond what we first think pool safety¬†encompasses. Pool safety should include every member of your family. This means pets should be included! It’s important to teach your dog safe pool manners. With these tips from the leader in pool supplies Raleigh, NC, you can start your summer taking a dip with your furry friend!

Keep a Close Eye On Your Pool Covers

While pool covers can be great for keeping the water clean in the off-season and for heating water on less warm days, it’s important to keep an eye on your pup while they run around the pool cover. A great rule of thumb is to test out the pool cover yourself. If your pool cover is solid and strong enough to support your weight, it is not wise to leave your pup unattended while having them near the pool. If a dog takes a tumble under the cover, it can be disorienting for a pup. It is very difficult for a dog to escape once they are trapped under a cover.

Teach Your Pup to Swim

While it may be first instinct to think that your dog can swim, it is not safe to assume so. Most dogs who are thrown into the water without training focus their efforts on using the front legs to hold up their whole body weight. However, teaching your dog to use both their front and their back legs will teach them to swim much more efficiently. Here are some important steps to teaching your dog to swim:

  • Support their back end in the water
  • Allow them to start out by swimming a short distance. Overworking them will only make them more tired and they may begin to stress.

If your breed of dog can’t swim because of its body weight and breed, there are dog floatation devices that are ideal for your pup. These life jackets are great when it comes to assisting dogs. For pups who aren’t confident swimmers, these can be a lifesaver!

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