Reducing Foam in Your Hot Tub

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Reducing Foam in Your Hot Tub

If your hot tub resembles a bubble bath when you turn on the water jets, you are not alone. Many hot tub owners complain about having too much foam in their tubs. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, and you may need to make some changes in how you care for your hot tub. A single layer of quickly-dispersing bubbles on the water’s surface is normal, but bubbles that grow on top of each other and build above the surface are not normal. Here’s how to improve your water quality and reduce foam in your hot tub:

Replace Filters More Often

Hot tub filters are usually pretty small and are made of paper. They absorb grease, oils, sweat, and other impurities in the water. It doesn’t take much to saturate these filters, so changing them only once a month or even less could be the cause of your foaming hot tub. If you use your tub often or typically have four or more people in it, you should change your filters more often. You must also be sure to use a hot tub filter cleaner; just rinsing the filter with a hose is not sufficient.

Soap Residue

If you get into a hot tub with soap residue on your bathing suit, skin, or hair, you may end up with too much foam in the tub. Rinse off before you get in the water to help remove any detergent and soap residue that may be lingering on your body or swimsuit. 

Low Calcium Hardness Levels

If there are low calcium hardness levels in your hot tub, foam will be generated from even the tiniest soap residue or any other impurities in the water. Maintain a calcium hardness level above zero in your hot tub. The ideal range for calcium hardness in a hot tub ranges from 150ppm to 250ppm.

High Levels of Total Dissolved Solids

High levels of dissolved solids will cause foamy suds to develop any time you agitate the water and introduce air through the bubbler system or jets. Everything that is added to your hot tub water will add to the level of total dissolved solids, from skin, oils, and sweat to chemical components such as salts and calcium. This can cause not only a foamy hot tub, but also permanently cloudy and turbid water. 

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