Questions To Consider Before Getting A Pool, Spa, Or Hot Tub

Many people want the luxury of a swimming pool in their backyard, but few realize the planning, building, and maintenance involved with owning one. It is definitely a lifestyle change, but an entertaining one! Owning a swimming pool gives you the opportunity to entertain, exercise, and relax. It’s up to you how you utilize your pool!

Pool, Spa, Hot Tub?

When trying to decide on whether to purchase a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, consider every family member’s opinion and weigh them considerably. Each option has different functions, so take the time to think about it! 

What Type of Pool?

If you decide on a pool, there are all kinds of sizes, shapes, and combinations to choose from. Vinyl, fiberglass, concrete? There are so many options. Research online or in magazines to get a feel of what you may like.

What is My Budget?

As with any home addition, you should plan for unexpected expenses. Have a little wiggle room in your budget so you can cover any mishaps or inconveniences that may happen.

Who Will Do the Maintenance?

There are many chores that need to be done when it comes to pool maintenance. Are you up for the time and effort required to maintain your pool, or can you afford to hire someone to do it for you? Your pool will not flourish without proper maintenance, so this is an extremely important factor!

Am I Going to Move in the Next Few Years?

Do you plan to stay in your current home for a long period of time, or even forever, or do you plan on making a move in the next few years? Do you have a job that may cause you to move locations? Consider these factors when deciding on such an investment so you can enjoy your pool for longer than just a few years! 

Keep these questions in mind when considering the option of a pool, spa, or hot tub. Your day-to-day activities will surely be much more exciting with one of these swimming luxuries added to the list, but be sure to make the smartest decision for you and your family!