Preparing Your Pool for a Storm

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Preparing Your Pool for a Storm

  • December 18, 2019
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One bad storm can be detrimental to your backyard swimming pool. If a hurricane blew through your town this year, your pool may have experienced some damage. In addition to the potential damage that can occur during storms, your pool can be contaminated by dirt, mud, silt, and bacteria. Here’s what to do to help prepare your pool when a storm is coming:

Do Not Drain

Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the weight needed to hold the sides and bottom in place. If your pool has been emptied, it may experience serious subsidence problems and could even be lifted out of its foundation due to pressure from excessive ground water caused by heavy rains. Keeping the water inside your pool will provide a much easier cleanup than an empty pool would.

Turn Off Power

When a big storm is headed your way, circuit breakers at the main electrical panel should be turned off. Do not operate pool equipment such as pool lighting, chlorinators, pump motors, and heaters. Cover any exposed electrical equipment, such as the pool pump, light transformers, time clock, and electric heaters with plastic wrap. If it is possible that flooding may occur, you should disconnect these devices and store them in a dry place.

Remove Loose Items

In high winds, loose items such as chairs, tables, and pool toys can cause serious harm. Never put these objects in the pool to protect them; they should be stored inside away from the storm. Putting them in the pool water can cause serious metal staining problems.

Add Extra Chlorine

Add a granular pool shock to prevent contamination from debris and storm water. You may also consider adding a large dose of pool algaecide to eliminate organic contaminants that enter the water.

Protect Enclosures

If you have a screen enclosure or safety fence around your pool, it is recommended to provide a vent for wind to flow through to help prevent damage and provide relief. Consider removing panels in screens on opposite sides of the pool area. Remove doors that are especially vulnerable. 

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