Off-Season Pool Care

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Off-Season Pool Care

Throughout the summer, your swimming pool is constantly used and regularly maintained. But what about the winter months? While you may not think about pool care in January, it is crucial to maintain your pool for optimal use in the future summer days. After you winterize, we recommend these tips to keep your pool maintained in the off season. 

Pool Cover

A pool cover can be installed anytime throughout the year. Having a cover will help reduce the required maintenance in the spring when you reopen the pool. Make sure it is a properly fitted safety cover for the size of your pool. If the cover doesn’t fit, dirt, debris, and even small animals can find their way into your pool. Ensure that the cover is securely attached to your pool, and constantly remove any water or debris throughout the winter months. 

Check Water Level

Monitoring your pool’s water level is essential for a functioning pool in the spring. If water levels are decreasing, that can be an indication of a leak. If a liner pool has a leak and drains out, the liner could sustain reputable damage and require replacement. The right pool water level can depend on what climate you live in. Your pool water should almost be filled to the top during the winter if you live in a warmer environment that doesn’t experience freezing temperatures. If you are located in a colder environment, your pool water should be four to six inches below the skimmer in the wintertime.

Test Your Water

Chemically balanced water is the key to a clean swimming pool in the spring. Your pool’s chemistry should stay in the ideal range during the winter. When the pool was first closed, some chemicals may have been added such as chlorine and algaecide to help prevent growth over the winter. Ensure you are checking under the cover throughout the winter months and also monitoring any algae growth as good preventative maintenance. 

Maintaining your pool throughout the winter will save you time and money come springtime. Spending a little time each week on your off-season pool care will make a positive impact on the lifetime of your pool. If you have any questions or want to start your off-season pool care, learn more from Rising Sun Pools & Spas.

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