Lowering pH in Your Pool

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Lowering pH in Your Pool

If the pH level in your pool is above 7.6, it is too high and your water can actually be too soft. What can you do to reach a happy medium?


What is causing your pool’s increase in pH level? The addition of chlorine stabilizer or HTH Granular to your pool water could be the culprit. These disinfectants can result in a direct increase in the pH level of your pool’s water. It can also be caused by a sudden rise in the temperature of the water.


Solving the issue of a high pH level can put a dent into your wallet. It may also mean that the chlorine in your pool ceases to work effectively, resulting in increased chlorine consumption as well as cloudy water and algae buildup. Having a pH level above 7.6 in your pool’s water can also result in physical consequences for swimmers. These consequences can include red eyes, dry skin, and premature wear of swim gear. 


Your pH level must be lowered if it has exceeded 7.6. The issue can be solved by adding pH minus, which is an acid that brings down the pH level. It typically comes in powder form that is spread over the surface of the water. You should first dissolve the granulate in a bucket of water to prevent the acid from damaging the lining. Always apply pH balancing chemicals with the pump and filter running, unless otherwise stated. After applying the product, let the pool water circulate for at least two hours. You should then test the pH again and add more product if needed. You may resume regular use once the water is properly balanced.


If pH minus does not bring down the pH level, this may mean that the alkalinity is too high. The total alkalinity should be between 80 ppm and 150 ppm. You will need a stronger acid, such as sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid, to reduce the pH level. 

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