Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Pool

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Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Pool

Mosquitos are more than just pesky bugs that cause itchy bumps; they can carry life-threatening diseases like the West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. Mosquitos thrive off of water and humidity, so your swimming pool is one of their favorite hangout spots. Did you know that three of their four life cycle stages are spent in water? Here’s what to do to help prevent mosquitos from taking over your outdoor oasis:

Dump Standing Water

Take a look around your yard to find places where water lingers after rain showers. Mosquito eggs can survive for months while they wait for water to help them hatch, so make sure to dump any standing water that you see. Fill in areas of your yard that tend to stay damp and change the water weekly for things you can’t empty out yourself, like wading pools and fountains. It also helps to keep your water in motion, such as in a fountain, because mosquitos are unable to breed and develop in moving water. 

Pool Cover

When your pool is not in use, keep it covered so mosquitos will not be tempted to dive in and lay their eggs. A solar pool cover will cover a majority of your pool’s surface and make it less tempting for mosquitos. It will also help heat your pool and reduce evaporation. 


Mosquitos enjoy tall, wet grass as well as soggy leaves and rotting logs. Mow your grass regularly, rake and dispose of leaves, palm needles, or palm fronds, and dispose of any rotting logs. Areas that tend to stay moist, like underneath decks, will require special attention. Keep areas such as these free of organic debris so the water can drain into the ground or evaporate into the air, rather than becoming a new home for mosquitos. 

Fill Tree Holes

If you have knotty trees in your yard that hold water, mosquitos may be using them as a spot to lay their eggs. To solve this problem without killing your trees, fill them with expanding foam insulation. This will seal off the hole without adding weight to the tree trunk. It can also be sanded and painted to blend in. However, this is not advised for trees that do not hold water, as they can be nesting sites for birds and other wildlife.

Proper Pool Chemistry

A pool with clean, balanced water will be inhabitable for mosquitos. Keep up with your pool maintenance to make sure your pool stays free of pesky mosquitos and other bugs. 

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