How to Design an Above-Ground Pool With Great Visual Appeal


How to Design an Above-Ground Pool With Great Visual Appeal

Above-ground swimming pools come with a variety of perks. The installation process is quick and easy. They’re super budget-friendly, from the initial design and installation to repair costs down the road. Above-ground pools are a SPECTACULAR option for homeowners seeking to try out a personal backyard pool for the first time.
Here are some tips to elevate the style of your above-ground pool…

1) Add a retaining wall.

If you’re not in love with the plain, simple look of the exterior pool wall, build an attractive retaining wall around it. Cover the outer walls of your pool with classy stone, brick, or wood paneling–or something more contemporary, like concrete or steel.

2) Surround the pool with a deck.

By bringing the ground up, a raised wooden deck surrounding the pool can make an above-ground pool feel a lot like an in-ground pool. To create a stronger sense of privacy (and safety), you can even outline your deck with a fence.

3) Create some shade.

North Carolina summer sunshine can get pretty excruciating! Add a luxurious umbrella, pergola, or a couple of trees to provide a little shade and make your above-ground pool area cool and comfortable.

4) Install a spa nearby.

With a spa addition, every day will feel like a vacation! Imagine it… sitting back and relaxing in the hot tub with a cold drink in hand while you watch your kids play in the pool. Paradise!

5) Design luxurious outdoor living spaces.

You’d be surprised what you could do with some cozy seating, a stylish area rug, an accent table, and a gorgeous stone fire pit. A poolside patio is the perfect space to entertain guests, sip a cup of coffee, or simply just rest. From a tanning or lounge area to a stunning outdoor kitchen, there are a wide variety of spectacular outdoor amenity options to choose from.

6) Lot’s of intentional landscaping.

Spruce up your above-ground pool with some creative landscaping. Outline the pool with flowers and bushes, plant a few shade trees, and add a few planters here and there–the bright pops of color will transform the space!

7) Don’t forget the lighting.

Never underestimate the power of good exterior lighting! Keeping your above-ground pool and patio area well-lit will not only create a stunning outdoor aesthetic, but it will also keep your children and guests safe at night.

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