Your Guide to In-Ground Concrete Pools

Summer is officially here! Now that the days are long and warm, have you found yourself thinking more and more about adding a pool to your backyard? At Rising Sun Pools, were are here to help you make the best decision on which pool is right for you. Over the past few months, we’ve taken a closer look at vinyl and fiberglass inground pools. Now, it’s time to focus on some of the benefits of concrete pools and what sets them apart from the other types of inground pools.


Concrete pools are extremely durable and they have no shape and depth limitations. If you are looking for a unique pool, made especially for your backyard, a concrete pool is the way to go, since they are the most customizable inground option available. When we install a concrete pool, it is completely custom-made to fit your needs. With a concrete pool, you can get the pool you’ve always dreamed of!

Size and Shape

Because they are so customizable, a concrete pool can be any size or shape that you want. The only limitation is your imagination! At Rising Sun Pools, we offer a number of beautiful color and siding options for concrete pools, so you can truly build the pool of your dreams. Concrete pools are also perfect for add-on design features such as tanning ledges and vanishing edges.


Of the three types of inground options, concrete pools typically require the most maintenance. Due to its porous surface, a concrete pool needs more chemical maintenance to prevent algae growth, but a regular maintenance plan can help to keep it clean.

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