Correcting Bad Chlorine Levels

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Correcting Bad Chlorine Levels

  • December 18, 2019
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Putting too much chlorine into your pool is a common mistake that many pool owners make. Although common, it can be dangerous. Keep reading to learn how it can be dangerous and what you can do to fix it:

Why Too Much Chlorine is Dangerous

Exposure to high levels of chlorine can lead to skin and eye damage, lung irritation, and provoke asthma. It is both bad for your health and for your pool. High levels of chlorine also decrease the pH of your pool’s water, which makes it more acidic. This makes corrosion more likely, affecting metal piping, equipment, and the surface of your pool. It can cause damage to pool accessories and anything else that goes into the water. 

If your pool has too much chlorine, you will need to treat the chemicals. If your chlorine levels are only slightly high, refrain from using your pool for about an hour or so. Inactivity can help get your levels back to the appropriate range. If the chlorine levels are significantly high, here’s what to do:

Stop Adding Chlorine

If you use a chlorinator or feeder, turn it off. If you use a tablet or floater in your skimmer, remove it from your pool. 

Add Sunlight

Ultra-violet rays destroy chlorine, so you can uncover your pool for a few hours to let the sun lower the pool’s chlorine level. Leaving your pool uncovered for 2-3 hours can deplete 90% or more of a pool’s chlorine level. Make sure to monitor your water so you can resume regular chlorination when the readings drop.

Neutralizing Chemicals

Add a chlorine neutralizing chemical to your pool for a quick fix. In an average backyard pool, 60 grams will typically reduce the chlorine by 1 ppm. Add the neutralizer gradually and check your pH levels to see if you need to add in pH, since chlorine reduces the amount of pH in water.

Replace Water

You can dilute your pool water by replacing the existing water, but it will take time. Refilling your pool can throw off alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and other chemical levels, so make sure to test the levels for best results.

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