4 Advantages of Aboveground Pools

If you’ve been dreaming of a pool in your backyard but aren’t sure that you want the landscaping and commitment of an in-ground pool, an aboveground pool may be for you! Here are 4 advantages of an aboveground pool to consider before deciding to build:

1. Cost

Aboveground pools are considerably less expensive to build than in-ground pools. A typical aboveground pool project will cost you between $2,000-$8,000. Compare that with a low-end in-ground pool which starts at $25,000. This cost savings gives you some financial wiggle room to invest more in the landscaping and decking around your pool area.

2. Safety

Safety is a BIG concern for many families interested in a backyard pool. Aboveground pools lower the risk of a child accidentally falling in by raising the pool’s entry point. All steps and ladders leading to an aboveground pool must have either a locking gate or be surrounded by a fence, making it easy to regulate who has access to your pool area.

3. Installation Time

Looking to get your pool as soon as possible? An aboveground pool installation can be completed surprisingly fast. When Rising Sun Pools installs an aboveground pool we:

  • Level the ground
  • Place patio blocks under all uprights
  • Sand the bottom base
  • Bond the pool
  • Install a filter system and assemble the ladder

All of which can be completed in as little as a day, once proper permits are in place. And when construction is finished, all you have to do is coordinate the installation of proper fencing, start adding landscaping and, of course, fill the pool with water. This process is significantly faster than the digging and installation needed for an in-ground pool, so you’ll be swimming in no time.

4. Less Commitment

While an aboveground pool does need to sit on a level surface, it requires few significant changes to your backyard. If after a few years, you decide that you don’t like or don’t need the pool anymore, or want to move the pool to a new home or location in your yard, it is relatively inexpensive to disassemble the pool area.

If you think an aboveground pool is the right choice for your family, check out our Aboveground Pool Buyers Guide, then give us a call and let Rising Sun Pools build the aboveground pool of your dreams.