Add These Safety Features to Your Swimming Pool

There are many things to consider when designing your swimming pool, both aesthetically and logistically. Safety regulations are in place for all residential swimming pools and are meant to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying the pool. As the primary carrier of swimming pool supplies Raleigh NC, Rising Sun Pools is here to help you abide by your area’s regulations through the addition of our recommended pool safety features.  


According to the City of Raleigh’s residential pool regulations, all pools must be enclosed by a four-foot-high barrier and have a self-closing, self-latching gate. As a parent, it is not realistic to think that you can watch the pool every waking moment of the day, which is why fences are essential pool safety features. Pool fences can prevent your small children from wandering into the pool area unsupervised. Here at Rising Sun Pools, we offer simple, yet sturdy, iron and wood fence options to set a barrier between the water and your little ones. 

Alarm System

While many people think to have an alarm system for their home, not many people know alarm systems exist for pools too. There are three main types of pool alarms: 

  • Threshold. Threshold alarms sound whenever someone crosses over a certain threshold like the barrier surrounding the pool. 
  • Surface wave sensors. Surface wave sensors detect ripples or waves on the pool’s surface and can alert you if someone enters the pool. 
  • Subsurface disturbance sensors. These sensors go deeper into the water and alert you if there are any disturbances below the pool’s surface. 

Water Testing 

Rising Sun Pools, your local source for swimming pool supplies Raleigh NC, makes testing your pool water easier than ever with our Drop & Go program. To ensure the safety of our customers’ pool water, we allow them to drop off their pool water samples at one of our 24-hour drop box locations for testing. Once one of our pool maintenance professionals tests your water sample, you can come by to pick up your results and any necessary pool treatment chemicals in-store. 

Even better, water testing is free in-store when you purchase treatment chemicals. 

In Case of Emergency 

No matter how hard you try to make your swimming pool the safest environment possible, accidents can occur. That’s why Rising Sun Pools recognizes the importance of having emergency swimming pools supplies Raleigh NC, including a flotation device and a first aid kit. 

No pool company has more expertise than Rising Sun Pools, so we encourage you to contact us today to learn how you can make your swimming pool a safer place!