4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hot Tubs


1) The original hot tubs were natural hot springs.

The oldest known mineral bath dates back 5,000 years, and can still be found to this day in Merano, Italy. Similarly, as early as 2,000 B.C., researchers believe that the Egyptians first used an ancient hot tub for therapeutic purposes. Then along came the Greeks and Romans, who too discovered the medicinal purposes of mineral and thermal baths. Fast forward centuries later and hot tubs are still considered to have remedial attributes.

2) The jets used in modern hot tubs were first invented by the Jacuzzi brothers, who were aviation engineers.

Spending their early professional years working as aviation engineers, the seven Jacuzzi brothers were the first to build a high-wing monoplane with an enclosed cabin. After selling their creation to the U.S. Post Office, as well as commercial airline operators, the Jacuzzi brothers used their talents to develop the first impeller water jets that gave birth to what we know today as the modern hot tub. Who knew that hot tubs and airplanes had so much in common?

3) Hot tubs can  have positive effects on your health.

Hot tubs warm your body. As your body warms, blood vessels will dilate, increasing blood flow. This can result in reduced blood pressure (in as little as 20 minutes in some cases). Similarly, hot tubs can help improve sleep patterns and is even used as treatment for some injuries and diseases like Type II diabetes.

4) The Japanese Snow Monkey loves to take advantage of a good hot tub session.

Japanese macaques, commonly called, “Japanese Snow Monkeys” (due to the fact that they spend a great deal of time living inJapanese-Snow-Monkey areas where snow covers the ground), make this list due to their widely known love of the natural hot mineral bath. These snow monkeys can be seen spending hours or even a full day, soaking in nature’s own hot tub, with temperatures that average 104° Fahrenheit. That’s right, even monkeys recognize the benefits of soaking in a hot tub.

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Photo Credit: SteFou!