Your Swimming Pool Is The New Peloton

You’ve heard it too many times before, “You need to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.” We know you’re rolling your eyes, but what if exercising could be fun? Rising Sun Pools has something to offer that will have you saying goodbye forever to ellipticals and treadmills. As your leading provider in pools Raleigh NC, we want you to use your pool to its fullest potential, so we’re here to share how you can get your best exercise in your own backyard. 

Benefits Inside & Out 

Swimming is a full-body exercise that can target specific areas depending on your style, such as backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly. No matter what stroke you swim, the resistance the water provides works most of your muscle groups all while increasing your heart rate. Swimming strengthens your heart and lungs which builds endurance over time. Since swimming utilizes multiple muscle groups, your entire body reaps the benefits. Just think about swimmers’ bodies (hello, Michael Phelps) to understand the perks swimming has on your physical appearance. 

Bye, Bye Calories 

It may be hard to believe that swimming in your backyard pool can burn as many calories as running on the treadmill, but swimming can be a super intense workout if you make it one. Like we said before, other forms of exercise tend to only focus on one part of the body whereas swimming engages your entire body. Also, the breathing routine in swimming of deep breathes in and then slowly letting air out contributes to heightened calorie burning. 

Can’t Run? No Problem. 

While cardio is another good option for exercise, running and other cardio exercises can place a heavy burden on a person’s joints. On the contrary, swimming is ideal for individuals with arthritis and other conditions that make high-impact exercises painful. Swimming loosens up your muscles instead of stiffening them. Although swimming is still a strenuous workout, the buoyancy of water evenly distributes pressure throughout the entire body instead of it being concentrated in one area like your ankles or knees. For people who simply cannot bear the weight of gravity when exercising, swimming is the perfect solution. 

Find Your Lane 

Since not everyone considers exercising to be the most fun activity, it is important to switch up your routine to keep things interesting. By finding your own lane and transitioning from the gym to the swimming pool, you may find yourself looking forward to your next workout. Plus, when our customers invest in our pools Raleigh NC, they tend to want to share the fun with everyone! Having a swimming pool enables you to have people come and workout with you.

Rising Sun Pools | Raleigh NC 

Here at Rising Sun Pools, we want our pools to serve their full purpose whether that be a place to host group gatherings or a spot to slay an intense workout. Having served the Triangle Area for over 45 years, we genuinely care about our customers and prioritize their overall wellbeing. Contact us today to work with the company that has the most experience and expertise in pools Raleigh NC