Your Pool Opening Checklist

 in-ground-poolsAt Rising Sun Pools, we are kicking off our busy season. It’s an exciting time full of daydreams of laying out by the pool and soaking up the sun with a cold drink in hand. However, it’s important to ensure that you are following important procedures for opening your pool. There is nothing more disappointing than having a delayed pool opening while all of your friends are having a good time splashing around in their own.

As always, Rising Sun Pools & Spas is here for all of your pool and hot tub needs. Don’t forget our “Drop & Go” service is available with no appointment necessary. Simply drop off your water sample at our Garner and Raleigh, NC locations and we will create your pH analysis with a customized pool water testing report within 24 hours!

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do to prepare for your pool opening.

1. Install 1 plug or drain cap on the filter tank.

2. Install 1 or 2 plugs on the pump; Powerflo/Matrix pumps have 1 plug which is located on the strainer basket, Dynamo pump has an additional plug located on the pump housing.

3. Install pressure gauge and sight glass onto the multiport valve.
Note: Wrap stems with teflon tape to insure a proper seal. Hand tighten only.

4. Reconnect automatic chlorinator.

5. Pool cover should be clear of any water and debris before removing.

6. Remove cover and empty water tubes. Cover must be cleaned before storing.
Note: Store cover in a plastic trash can, fill it with water and 1 quart of algaecide.

7. Remove Gizzmo’s from skimmer(s).

8. Install baskets for the pump and skimmers.

9. Install ladders.
Note: Check ladder bumpers for signs of wear and make sure they are secure. Replace if needed.

10. Fill pool to middle of skimmer.

11. Start system.
Helpful hints: Before you start the system:
A. Fill chlorinator and pump with water.
B. Lubricate pump gasket.
C. Make sure all chlorinator connections are secure.

12. Clean sand filter using Sparkling Filter Cleaner & Degreaser.

13. Filter pool water for 24 hours. Bring a water sample to Rising Sun Pools for a complete water analysis.