Winter Pool Supplies

It’s no secret that you care for your pool differently in the winter than you do in the summer. At Rising Sun Pools, we have everything you need to keep your pool in top shape during the coming winter months. If you’re not sure about which supplies you need to get through winter, we’re here to help! Here’s a review of some of the most common winter supplies that we recommend to our customers.

1. Pool leaf vacuum

Use a leaf eater to easily remove leaves and other debris from your pool before covering it for the winter. Using a standard garden hose, the leaf vacuum lifts debris from the bottom of your pool and deposits it in the attached bag. The leaf vacuum works in both inground and above ground pool models.

2. Skimmer guard plug

Protect your pool skimmer during winter weather by using a skimmer guard plug. Normal contraction and expansion during cold months can cause your pool skimmer to crack and break. Screwing a guard plug into the skimmer allows it to take in the expansion and contraction, preventing any cracks to the skimmer basket. We offer both a regular and large size, for your convenience.

3. Air pillow

While North Carolina is fairly moderate in terms of winter weather, it’s not uncommon for us to experience periods of rain, ice and sometimes snow. This is where an air pillow comes into play for above ground pools. Simply inflate the pillow to 60-80% of its capacity to allow for compression and place it in the middle of the pool, draping the cover over it. The air pillow both compensates for the accumulation of rain, snow and ice that builds up on top of the cover during winter as well as protects the pool’s walls from the pressure of freezing water expansion.

4. Pool covers

Keeping your pool covered is one of the best ways to keep it protected during winter. We are proud to offer Loop Loc covers, which are strong enough to hold the weight of an elephant! They securely anchor to your deck to put a “lock” on your pool, keeping your family safe from an accident. We also offer solid winter covers for both inground and above ground pools.

5. Pool cover pumps

When your pool is covered, you should consider using a pool cover pump to keep it in the best shape possible. Pool cover pumps help keep water from accumulating on top of the cover, which can help prevent damage to the cover over time. Manual cover pumps use a siphon hose to remove water, while automatic ones turn on as water accumulates and off when the cover is dry.

6. Water tubes

Use water tubes to keep your pool cover in place during the offseason. You simply fill them with water and place them on the cover near the edges of the pool. They are particularly helpful for keeping your cover in place during unpredictable winter weather.

Stop by any of our stores to prepare your pool for winter!