Winter is Here, Time to Build Your Pool

The weather has been getting colder for months and we just passed the Winter Solstice, which means that many homeowners don’t have new pool construction on their mind. But did you know that the winter is the best time of year to build a pool?

Here are 5 reasons why building a new pool in the winter is better for your home:

1) New Pool By Summer

Starting new pool construction now is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your pool is ready to use when the weather heats up! Our schedule starts to fill up fast once spring arrives (and people start thinking about swimming again), but during the winter we have plenty of installation spots available!

2) Less Delay

Weather delays often play a major role in prolonged construction. Pools built during the rainy days of spring often see major delays when pouring concrete or completing other weather-dependent steps in your building process. Occasional snow may delay your project slightly during the winter, but this season is often much drier than the spring months!

3) Save Money

Many of our suppliers and contractors offer discounts on materials during the slower winter months, making this season one of the most cost-effective times of year to build your pool! Stop by one of our locations or request a quote by filling out the form to the left.

4) Time for Landscaping

One thing many pool buyers don’t realize is the amount of time it takes for landscaping to bounce back after a pool is built. Digging a pool completely changes the landscaping of your backyard, and you need time for that foliage to grow back. A pool built in the winter will be finished in time for spring planting, which means you can have a beautiful backyard in time for the summer!

5) Plan your outdoor oasis

Often, spring pool buyers are rushed to purchase patio furniture and other decoration for their pool area. Starting your pool in the winter will give you plenty of time during the spring to walk through the finished space and decide what kind of aesthetic you’d like. If you’re looking for inspiration you can check us out on Pinterest or view our outdoor living collections.