Why Your Pool is a Great Calorie Burner

Did you know that swimming is actually a great calorie burner? Depending on your gender, body type, and weight, swimming in your pool for an hour can burn almost 1,000 calories. This is a great alternative if you are not a huge fan of the gym or if you are bored with your usual workout routine. Here are the reasons why.

Low-Impact Exercise

Some forms of exercise can be hard on the joints, such as running. Swimming is low-impact enough that it burns calories without tiring out your joints. It is also a great form of exercise for seniors, people recovering from injuries, and people who are vulnerable to joint damage, for example, those with arthritis.

Whole-Body Workout

Swimming is a whole-body workout that engages your upper body, legs, and core muscles. It burns calories just like any other fitness routine! With good technique, you can perform all of the cardio that any other workout requires without doing damage to your body. It is even beneficial in strengthening your lungs.

Cardio & Strength Training

Your cardiovascular system gets toned as you swim, helping you breathe more efficiently as you build endurance. Water is over 780 times denser than air, so it will make you work every muscle of your body as you swim through the pool.

Mood Booster

All forms of exercise release endorphins, which are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. Swimming offers mood-boosting capabilities for those reasons and because water induces a tranquil state. Hydrotherapy has been recommended for both physical and mental health conditions.

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