Why a Home Pool is the Safest Option for Swimmers During the Pandemic

Do you love to swim, but many public swimming pools have completely restricted guests during the pandemic? Rising Sun Pools & Spas is here to tell you why having an at-home swimming pool in Raleigh NC is an advantage during this time.

Why are public swimming pools unsafe during covid19?

Although research shows that COVID-19 cannot transmit through water, there is still a risk in visiting public pools at this time. Many Raleigh residents are tired of staying at home for months. As lockdown restrictions lower, most will prefer to head to the public pool for a day by the water. To avoid being around a large crowd, it is smartest and safest if you choose home pool installation in Raleigh instead of visiting a public pool.

Benefits of having an in-ground or above-ground pool at home:

Avoid large crowds

It’s most likely that the people using your at-home in-ground pool in Raleigh NC will be members of your family that live in your home. If you don’t have other people over to swim, you can ensure that you’re protected from anyone who may be a carrier of the virus. Let’s say you do want to invite someone over for a swim. Since your pool is private property, you’ll be able to control who visits your pool. You can also decide when they visit and how often.

You can decide how frequently the pool must be disinfected

There’s no guarantee how often public pools are disinfected during the pandemic. Plus, there’s no way to know for sure if measures are being taken to sanitize the public pool premises. All of these ambiguities will be removed completely when you have your very own home swimming pool in Raleigh NC.

You’ll be able to decide when and how often to disinfect the water. You can choose what cleaning agents to use to sanitize the premises. And, you’ll be able to decide when to completely change the water too.

You’ll reduce the irritation and boredom of having to stay at home all the time

Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and reduce your vulnerability to COVID-19. But, staying home can get boring! Having a pool right at home can be the best way to keep your boredom at bay.

At Rising Sun Pools & Spas, we are reputable pool installation experts. We install premium-quality and aesthetic swimming pools in Raleigh NC. We can install an above-ground or in-ground pool at your home. Contact us today!