Ways to Get Nervous Children Swimming

Swimming can be a new and fun experience for kids and parents! It’s so rewarding to watch your children learn a new skill and how to be safe around the water. However, it can be a little intimidating to new swimmers. It’s totally normal for them to feel nervous, but it can easily be helped! Rising Sun Pools, the premier store for pool supplies Raleigh NC, wants to help your little swimmers feel more comfortable in the water with these steps:

Be Encouraging and Positive

Your child will become more nervous if they see you are nervous. It’s imperative that you remain positive during the whole experience; from the time they put their swimsuit on until you get back home. If you’re allowed to watch during the lesson, praise them whenever they do something in or around the water. To a nervous child, even dipping their toes in can be a huge accomplishment. If they do something wrong, encourage them to try again!

Start Slow and Shallow

Slowly getting your child used to the water can be challenging. We know you’ll want to get them going as soon as you can, but it’s important to keep the pace of the child. If they aren’t comfortable going in the deep end, putting them in that situation could be traumatizing and they could become even more nervous in the water. It’ll make things much easier when your child trusts their instructor.

It can also ease nerves if the child can feel the ground beneath their feet. Starting them in the shallow end can help them trust that there is a bottom, and they can use it to their advantage if they do go under the water. Rising Sun Pools, one of the best pool supplies Raleigh NC stores for building your own pool, has options that allow for shallower waters, perfect for children learning how to swim!

Check Out Swimming Lessons With a Trusted Instructor in Your Area

Swimming lessons can help your child get more comfortable in the water. Seeing other children swimming and having fun can encourage them to want to do the same. It can also be beneficial to teach your children to work together and learn water safety from a professional. Sometimes, children would be better learning alone. Whether it’s nerves or performance anxiety, individual lessons can really help your child with form, practice, and floating techniques.

Rising Sun Pools | Raleigh NC

Rising Sun Pools has just what you need to get your nervous child swimming! From shallow pool designs to floats and accessories, your child will become comfortable and confident in the water in no time! As one of the best stores for pool supplies Raleigh NC, we are ready to help you build the pool of your (and your child’s) dreams! Visit us online or give us a call to get started today.