About That Water in Rio…

If you’ve been following olympic swimming, you may have noticed things are looking a little… green. According to USA Today we now know why. The article cites Rio’s olympic committee who commented that the pH level in the water was outside of the typical range, which caused the discoloration. The officials also said that tests on the water quality indicated that there was no risk to the health of any swimmers competing in the competition. Athletes quoted in the article mentioned that they were a little skeptical of the water, but that they didn’t notice any harmful effects or smells.

Take a look for yourself in this tweet from swimmer Tom Daley:

We recently wrote an article on what to do if your backyard pool starts to look a little green. Most green water in backyard pools is caused by algae growth, which can be prevented by:

  • Keeping sanitizer levels optimized
  • Keeping the water filter up to date
  • Keeping water circulating throughout the pool
  • Using your pool regularly

And if you need help maintaining your backyard pool, Rising Sun Pools is happy to help!