Tips for Protecting Your Pool Liner

At some point, all pool liners will need to be replaced, but did you know that there are several ways for you to help prolong your liner’s lifespan? Follow these tips to help your inground or above ground pool liner last!

Tips for protecting your liner:

1. Maintain proper water balance

Ensuring that your pool water is properly balanced results in a longer lasting liner. pH levels, a measurement of water’s acidity, should be properly maintained. If your pH levels are too low or too high, it can cause damage to your liner. Another important thing to pay attention to is your water’s alkalinity, which helps reduce pH fluctuations. Need to test your water? Our Drop and Go water testing is easy and convenient!

2. Monitor water line

Keeping an eye on your pool’s water line is one of the best ways to detect a leak as early as possible. The water line area is also particularly susceptible to fading, dirt and stains. Use a soft sponge (nothing abrasive) to wipe down the water line regularly.

3. Never drain completely

Unless you are replacing the liner, you should never completely drain a liner pool. Doing so may cause the liner to shrink, which can lead to wrinkles and tears.

4. Use equipment specifically designed for liner pools

While liners are made to be durable, it’s important to use equipment that is made specifically for liner pools. This includes brushes, vacuum heads, pool cleaners, etc.

Rising Sun Pools has the best liner warranties around!

At Rising Sun Pools, we are proud to offer the best liner warranties in the area, hands down!

Our in-ground liners have a 5-year full warranty against manufacturer defects, including up to $1200 for labor and water reimbursement.

Our above ground liners have a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects including up to a $500 labor and water reimbursement for warranty claims.

If it’s time to replace your liner, we’re here to help! Simply drop by any of our locations or give us a call at 919-851-9700.