Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

If you already own a hot tub or are considering buying a hot tub in Raleigh, NC, it’s important to know about some tips that can help with the maintenance of your hot tub. While a hot tub can be a relaxing experience and offer health benefits, a poorly maintained hot tub can actually have a negative impact on your health. That’s why it’s important to learn about hot tub maintenance. Here are some tips that you can try for your hot tub in Raleigh, NC.

Change the Water

It’s important for you to circulate the water in your hot tub so that contaminants are removed, thanks to your hot tub’s filters. Check if automatic circulation is an option on your hot tub, in which case, this will happen automatically. If, however, you don’t have automatic circulation, make sure you circulate the water in your hot tub at least twice a day so that it’s refreshed. 

Keep It Clean

Maintaining a clean hot tub is also a crucial aspect of hot tub maintenance, regardless of whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor hot tub. Outdoor hot tubs tend to collect debris, so make sure you do a good job cleaning your hot tub. You’ll need to clean the inside of the tub as well as the hot tub shell. Even the water jets and cover need to be scrubbed well on a weekly basis. A white vinegar solution or 10% bleach solution should do the job. Fully draining your hot tub every 3-4 months for a complete cleaning job will also ensure it stays clean.      

Pay Attention to Your Filters

Cleaning doesn’t just relate to surface-level cleaning of your hot tub. Remember that your filters are constantly at work whenever the hot tub is in use, so it’s necessary to clean the filters as well. You can clean your filters by rinsing them with warm water or using a garden hose. For deeper cleaning, you can spray your filters on a weekly basis with a filter cleaner. If you’re draining and refilling your hot tub, you should keep your filters soaked in a chemical cleaner. If even chemical soaking doesn’t clean them, consider replacing them.

Check Water Chemistry

Checking the chemistry in the hot tub is a crucial aspect of hot tub maintenance. You’ll have to test the water to determine this.

  • pH – level should be between 7.4-7.6. Anything below this will be too acidic, and above this will be too basic.
  • Alkalinity – level should be between 125ppm-150ppm. Levels above this can cause cloudiness and scaling.
  • Add the sanitizer of your choice to make adjustments to pH levels and alkalinity.
  • Shocking your hot tub after too much or too little use can make it fully sanitized and keep your water clean.

Make sure you have the right chemicals to make changes to water chemistry and run a weekly test on your hot tub water using strips or a liquid test kit.

Having a consistent but simple maintenance schedule for your hot tub can help keep you on track and ensure that your hot tub gets the maintenance it deserves.

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