When is the Best Time to Renovate Your Pool?

Occasional renovations come along with pool ownership. Whether you’re looking to make a big update to your pool, or just want to change something simple like underwater lights, you may be wondering when you should schedule the service. At Rising Sun Pools, we strongly believe that fall and winter are the best times for renovations!

1) Take advantage of the swimming offseason

While we’d all like to be able to use our pools every single day of the year, living in North Carolina means that most pools are closed during the fall. Since you won’t be able to swim anyway, this makes it a perfect time to take care of any renovations that are necessary.

2) Ensure your pool will be ready by spring

There’s nothing worse than knowing your pool won’t be ready to be used when warm weather rolls around. By scheduling your renovation during fall or winter, you’re ensuring that there is plenty of time to get everything done by spring.

3) Avoid the rush

January and February are typically a popular time for pool renovations. Beat the crowd and schedule your renovation before most people start thinking about it.

4) Get started on landscaping too

Fall is a great time to start planting and making adjustments to your landscaping. If you make updates to your poolside vegetation at the same time that you’re having your pool renovated, this will allow for the new plants to have plenty of time to bloom by spring.

5) Save money

Many of the manufacturers we work with increase their prices after the start of the new year. If you delay your renovations, it’s likely that the overall price will be more than if you schedule the work before the end of the year.

Is your pool ready for a renovation? Stop by any of our locations or give us a call to get started!