NOW is the Best Time to Build Your In-Ground Pool

It’s January, and North Carolina has finally had its cold snap. This is the time for thinking about hot tubs and warm drinks, not InGround pools, right? Well, while it’s true that this is the perfect time of year to relax in your hot tub if you want a new pool for the summer, January is actually the best time of year to start your pool building project. Here are 4 reasons why:

1) Save Money on Your Installation 

We know that one of the biggest factors when deciding to build a pool is how much the project is going to cost. Often, our manufacturers change their pricing yearly, usually increasing prices to keep up with ever-increasing costs for materials. Most of our manufacturers increased their pricing on January 1, 2016, however as a special incentive to early pool buyers, we’re keeping our 2015 pricing through January. As an added incentive, we are also offering $500 in free toys and chemicals to new pool buyers. We can assure you, these will be our best incentives of the year, and the lowest price you will pay for a pool in 2016.

2) Swim by Summer

Most homeowners start thinking about building a pool around April or May, as the weather starts heating up and a new pool starts to sound like the perfect summer escape. However, so many people trying to build a pool at once means it gets increasingly difficult for new pool buyers to get started on their projects. If you want to ensure that your pool is ready by summer, winter is the time to build! We have plenty of open spots available for new InGround pool buyers and can guarantee that you’ll be swimming by the first day of summer.

3) Create Your Backyard Oasis

Building an InGround pool requires heavy equipment and digging in your backyard, that can be hard on landscaping. The last step of your pool project will be replanting vegetation to make your pool area shine, but if you wait until the spring to begin building your pool, you will miss out on the prime time for planting new vegetation. Building your pool in the winter will mean that your backyard is ready for new planting in the spring and will help you create a beautiful backyard oasis by the time summer arrives.

4) Less Delay

There’s no doubt that spring in North Carolina is an extremely rainy time of year. Heavy rainstorms can create delays for your pool building project and can make the entire process run much less smoothly. While we get the occasional snowstorm in the winter, the Triangle doesn’t see nearly as much precipitation as we see in the spring. Also, the ground doesn’t usually hard freeze, meaning that we can build throughout the winter with little issue.

If you want to take advantage of the best time of the year for pool building, the time to act is now. Fill out the form below to get in touch with Rising Sun Pools, then check out our handy Pool Buyers Guide for more information on the InGround Pool Building Process.

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