Things to Consider When Installing a Slide

Now that you’ve installed a pool from Rising Sun Pools & Spas, you may be looking for opportunities to add excitement to your pool. Slides add a whole new dimension to your outdoor enjoyment in the summer! Here are a few things to consider when searching for a pool slide:


Pool slides can take up more space than you would think. Some installations may even require additional concrete. Think about the room needed for the line of people that may develop if you have children that love to swim with their friends. You will also need room to pass around the slide without stepping off the pool deck.


Most slide manufacturers call for installation in depth of 44”-48” of water. It should not be too shallow or too deep to meet safety reasons. Maintain that depth for a distance past the slide exit point as well.


To match the aesthetics of your outdoor area, you can choose a slide color that is more neutral than the typical sky blue that most slide retailers used to offer. Today, it has become easier to find slides in white, granite, or brown to give your oasis an earthier feel.

Turn Direction

Did you know that you can have the option to choose which way your slide turns? The turn direction can be important in your slide fitting your pool deck size, depending on how much deck space you have. Be sure to take measurements of your deck before ordering a slide.


Slides can be DIY-installed as long as you can follow the installation manual. Adding water supply to the slide can be complicated, but it is usually tapped off of the pool supply, or it can come from the house water supply.

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

There are so many different options and water features available for you to personalize your pool. If you install a slide, spice it up even more with water features from Rising Sun Pools & Spas! Water features can add to the peace and tranquility of your poolside experience more than ever before, allowing your pool to sparkle with its own personality. Most of the features can be adapted or added on to vinyl or fiberglass pools. Contact a sales rep for more details and pricing!