Summer Pool Tips to Stay Safe

There’s nothing better than being in your backyard, laying by the pool. During summertime it is the go-to hangout spot, but there can be serious negative effects if you are not safe. Be smart this summer by following these simple tips for hanging by the pool. 

Use Sunscreen 

It sounds pretty self explanatory; however, many people fail to follow this important skincare step. Sunscreen protects you from UV rays, which cause sunburns and can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. Many people also believe that you cannot get a sunburn when the weather is overcast; however, it is just as important to wear sunscreen on these cloudy days as well. Another great idea to help protect your face from the sun is to wear a hat. Taking care of your skin and reapplying sunscreen is key to staying safe and healthy this summer.  

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important, but when you are spending hours in the sun it is crucial. Many people overheat when they spend too much time in the sun without drinking enough water. Kids often get so busy playing and having fun outside that they forget to take a break and refuel their bodies. Build in time for you and your family to rest and rehydrate. Don’t forget to keep your pets hydrated as well if they are hanging outside with you! 

Wear Sunglasses 

When you are out in the sun all day you can’t just protect your skin, you need to protect your eyes as well. Sunglasses are a practical and stylish way to keep them shaded from the harmful UV rays. Failing to protect your eyes can lead to cataracts, as well as many other eye conditions. Go grab your favorite pair of sunnies and hit the pool!

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

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