Signs You Need Professional Hot Tub Repair

You have waited all day to finally be able to sink into your hot tub, just to find out that something is broken or malfunctioning. While some problems have a simple solution that you can do yourself, a hot tub expert from Rising Sun Pools and Spa hot tub service Raleigh should always be called to handle the more complex issues. The professionals at Rising Sun Pools and Spa have put together this list of five warning signs that your hot tub needs an expert hot tub service. 

  1. Irregular Odor- Hot tubs typically emit a bit of a funky-chemical smell due to the cleaning products used in the water, but the smell should never be unpleasant or unbearable. If this is the case, it could mean either the water is contaminated or it’s not circulating properly. A clogged filter, drain, or pump may possibly be another reason that your pool is smelling foul. Rather than playing a guessing game as to what is wrong and risk getting into contaminated water, just call for a professional assessment from hot tub service Raleigh. A Rising Sun Pools and Spa expert will be able to diagnose and fix the problem for you.
  2. Discolored Water- If you uncover your spa and find that the water is now a slimy green or blackish color, this is a sure sign that your water chemistry is off. If you regularly treat your water but are still having an algae problem, it means the balance of the chemicals being used is off. Grab a water sample and take it to your local pool and hot tub service such as Rising Sun Pools and Spa for an assessment. After testing the water, we will be able to tell you what your water needs. If this is a recurring problem, we suggest calling a hot tub maintenance Raleigh professional to make sure that there are no underlying issues causing the discoloration such as corrosion through the system. 
  3. Leaks- While it is typical for a pool or hot tub to have splashes of water on the ground around it, an unexplained puddle or lower than usual water line is likely a sign of leakage. No matter the size of the crack, a leak is a serious problem that can be very difficult to find. If your hot tub is showing signs of leaking, it is best to call your local hot tub service provider as soon as possible. The longer you ignore a leak, the more likely it is the crack will grow, leading to even more problems and a more expensive repair. 
  4. Temperature Fluctuations- One of the main functions of a hot tub is to keep the water hot! If you step into your spa to find the temperature of the tub not where you set it, and your hot tub cover is used properly, it’s time to schedule a repair. Most likely, your hot tub heater or control panel is acting up. This is a complex repair and should always be handled by an expert. 
  5. Weak Jet Pressure- It’s not difficult to feel if your hot tub’s jets aren’t as strong as they once were. If your jets are becoming weak or not working at all, this is a clear indication that something is wrong. First, check the jet openings for calcium buildup or debris and do a thorough cleanse. Check your water level, the bottom drain to make sure it’s covered, and check your filter. If it’s due for a change, putting a new filter in will likely solve the problem. If the jets are still acting up, then it’s time to call a professional hot tub service team such as Rising Sun Pools and Spa to check the tub’s plumbing lines and filter for damage. A professional will ensure the problem is properly fixed to get your spa up and running again.

Rising Sun Pools and Spa Raleigh NC

While the information in this article can certainly help you to identify a problem with your hot tub, the best way to determine the root cause of the issue is to schedule a hot tub service Raleigh appointment with Rising Sun Pools and Spa. Our team of experienced technicians offers quick and efficient services for all of your hot tub maintenance Raleigh and repair needs. We are ready to help you get your spa back in great shape and able to be used as soon as possible. Contact us today!