The Secret Dangers of Replacing Your In-Ground Pool Liner

It was late September and the Smith family knew they were going to have to replace their inground pool liner soon. The pool had been in their backyard for over 12 years and was starting to discolor, crack and leak water. So when the Smiths began to close their pool for the season, they shopped around online to find a cheap liner, and found an all purpose handyman to install it. Eight months later, as they began to get their pool ready for a new season, they realized that the new liner hadn’t held up over the long, cold winter and would have to be replaced AGAIN. The Smiths essentially paid double for a simple pool repair. So what went wrong? A lack of knowledge, poor installation practices and a lack of warranty all combined to make this offseason restoration a nightmare for the Smith family. As the pool season wraps up in North Carolina, make sure you understand all of the hidden dangers associated with replacing your inground swimming pool’s liner.

How Well Do You Know Your Pool, Really?

One of the most common issues we see when we encounter horror stories from liner replacements is that homeowners simply don’t know their pool as well as they think they do. Sure, you may have information on the shape, size and model of your pool, but do you know the exact radius of the pool edges? Do you know which types of liners will interface well with your pool’s existing infrastructure? The first step in any Rising Sun Pools liner replacement project is to inspect your pool and ensure we know the exact dimensions that we need so that we can order the correct liner for your pool. This is a key aspect of the pool repair process that is often missed when ordering discount liners online.

Does Your Contractor Understand Pool Liners?

When making a decision about who to hire for your liner replacement, it’s best to choose someone with pool liner replacement experience. Many skilled contractors have enough expertise to figure out how to do a job as they go, however, a vinyl inground pool liner replacement can be a tricky endeavor. Often, if the installation isn’t perfect the first time, the liner is ruined and homeowners will have to purchase a new one. Avoid this risk by choosing installers who have experience working with pools. Rising Sun Pools has over 40 years of experience in the pool industry, which means if you choose us, you can rest assured that your liner will be installed quickly and correctly.

Have You Asked About the Warranty?

No product is perfect. Sometimes, due to manufacturing or installation issues, pool liners will fail. Purchasing liners without a warranty greatly increases a homeowner’s risk of having to re-purchase the liners – greatly increasing the cost of a liner replacement project. Choosing a professional in the pool industry reduces this risk as many pool builders stock liners that come with a limited warranty.

Rising Sun Pools carries a number of brands that carry a warranty for their product, and also offers a 1-year warranty on the installation, preventing you as a homeowner from shouldering the cost of a mistake.

If your vinyl inground pool liner is beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to replace. For more information about liner replacement, request a quote from Rising Sun Pools.