Salt Water vs. Chlorine Pools

Everybody has different swimming preferences. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for your backyard pool. You can get a zero-depth entry for leisurely wading or a deep end for jumbo cannonballs. Your pool could be a rectangle for swimming laps or an oval for social gatherings. In addition to size, shape, activities, and accessories, you can choose a water sanitization method that fits your needs. Here are the differences between two of the most common types of pools: saltwater vs. chlorine with Rising Sun Pools and Spa inground pool service.



  • It has a lower concentration of chlorine so you can say goodbye to that green crunchy hair.
  • It’s softer on the swimmer’s skin and eyes so goggles aren’t as necessary. 
  • It doesn’t fade swimsuits so your favorite bikini or board shorts last all season long. 
  • They cost less in maintenance chemicals making the upkeep cheaper and easier. 
  • They require less maintenance to allow you even more time to enjoy the backyard pool playground. 
  • Rising Sun Pools and Spas provide saltwater inground pool service to take even more of the hassle off of your hands. 


  • Saltwater pools are more expensive to install
  • They tend to use more electricity than chlorine pools
  • If repairs are needed, they may require a professional such as the inground pool service experts at Rising Sun Pools and Spas



  • Chlorine pools are typically less costly as an initial investment
  • They use less electricity than saltwater pools
  • The homeowner can typically solve a problem or chemical imbalance because the system is more complex
  • The chemicals don’t cause damage to pool features


  • This is a given, they have a higher concentration of chlorine
  • Chlorine must be added to the pool, meaning you have to handle and store chemicals
  • The chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause the skin to itch, dry out, or rash up
  • The chlorine and other chemicals must be stored, taking up room in your backyard or garage
  • Can be more expensive in the long run due to issues, upgrades, and frequent maintenance
  • Needs to be cared for more often from inground pool service experts like the ones at Rising Sun Pools and Spas.

The classic chlorine pool has its perks, but saltwater pools are tempting as well. Chlorine pools need more commitment, time, and patience, while saltwater pools require deeper pockets from the get-go. Either choice is a great one and one your entire family will enjoy for years to come!

Rising Sun Pools & Spa – Raleigh NC Inground Pool Service

When it is time to decide what type of pool you are looking for to install in your backyard, the professionals at Rising Sun Pools and Spas are here to help with the difficult decision. We contain expert knowledge on saltwater and chlorine pools that will be beneficial to our customers when making the final decision. If you are interested in learning more about the variables between saltwater and chlorine pools or are in need of an inground pool service in the Raleigh area, contact Rising Sun Pools today for all of your backyard pool and hot tub needs!