Rising Sun Pools Raleigh Prevents Pool Damage

Although the professionals at Rising Sun Pools Raleigh are well equipped to handle any repairs your pool may need, we prefer to prevent damage before it even happens. Besides, warm weather season is right around the corner in North Carolina. Here are some tips on how to avoid pool damage so that you can soak up the sun worry-free this pool season: 

Planning Is Preventive 

One of the best ways to prevent pool damage is to plan your pool with the future in mind. Choosing the material of your pool is a key element in planning since each material has varying levels of maintenance and durability. For instance, a pool with a vinyl liner is the most high maintenance typically in terms of needing service and repairs, and it is the least durable. 

Are you familiar with your area’s water table? The water table at your home is an indication of how saturated the ground underneath your pool is with water. If you live in a high moisture area or one that gets a lot of rain throughout the year, you may need to take extra precautions to equalize the water table and your pool water level. 

Lock In Leaks 

The natural wear and tear on your pool over time can lead to leaks, but through regular pool repairs, you can lock in any leaks and prevent them from expanding. Rising Sun Pools Raleigh offers in-store and on-site repairs performed by our pool specialists. Scheduling routine repairs allows our professionals to detect leaks early and save you from expensive repairs in the future. 

Worn-down pool equipment can be a likely culprit in causing costly pool leaks. That’s why Rising Sun Pools Raleigh also offers a variety of services including repairs, or replacements if necessary, of pool pumps, heaters, and filter systems. Pool pumps constantly pump water under pressure and can develop drips which often transform into damaging leaks. 

Get Balanced 

It’s time to test your water! By checking the pH levels in your pool consistently, at least once a week is ideal, you can prevent algae growth. Algae growth often results from a chemical imbalance in your pool, which can deteriorate the inner lining and be an eyesore on the outside. 

Rising Sun Pools | Raleigh NC 

Here at Rising Sun Pools Raleigh, we want the upkeep of your pool to be stress-free. That’s why we provide professional pool maintenance that will extend the lifespan of your pool so that you can enjoy it for years to come! Contact us to have one of our qualified team members perform a checkup on your pool today.