Infant and Toddler Swimming Floats

Pool season is almost here! With the temperatures rising and the water in your swimming pool Raleigh warming, it’s time to dive in! Do you have a little one who’s ready to “test the waters?” Don’t let them go without proper swimming safety gear! Rising Sun Pools, the number one swimming pool service Raleigh, has compiled a short list of different floating devices for your little one that we love.

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Not only is this device super safe for baby, It’s cute too! The MamboBaby Float NO. 07 Airplane is a specially designed float just for your baby. With an intentionally designed secure system, the float is extremely safe for your child. A harness vest and button lock latch ensure that your baby is strapped in while being able to paddle and play. The MamboBaby includes a shade to protect your baby from the harsh sun.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

Wash your worries away with this SwimWays float. With child safety valves, dual air chambers, and a patented innerspring to promote stability within the water, your child is sure to be safe. Not only is this float safe, it’s interactive! The adorable octopus on the front can turn around 360 degrees, and hold four interactive baby toys in its tentacles.

LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float with Removable Canopy

Your baby will be floating in style with this protective float! With straps and supports in multiple critical points, your child will remain safe under supervision. The float itself is made of leak-proof PVC, passing CVC standards of safety. There is also an option to remove the canopy if it is not needed during play.

This summer, your baby should be protected while enjoying the warm weather. With these floats, there is something for every parent!

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As swimming pool service Raleigh experts, we want to make sure that your family is safe and secure this summer. Taking care to make sure that baby is protected from the dangers of the water is of utmost importance! Rising Sun Pools strives to provide the latest information on pool safety and maintenance. For your swimming pool service Raleigh needs, contact Rising Sun Pools today!