Removing Foam from Your Pool

Seeing bubbles from the return jets rising to the surface of your pool is normal, but when they don’t pop and start to accumulate on top of the water, you have a pool foam issue. It is nothing to stress over; it is actually pretty simple to get rid of and easy to prevent. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Pool Foam?

While you may think that pool foam is just air bubbles, it is actually made up of much more than air. If there is foam in your pool, it is usually a sign of a high organic load in the water, meaning there is more organic matter in the water than it can dissolve, causing the water to thicken. Bubbles are created as the water is agitated by the return jets, or by a slight breeze brushing over the water’s surface. They are filled with air, but the surface of the bubbles is made of organic matter buildup, so they don’t pop as easily as typical air bubbles. This makes them accumulate on the surface as foam.

What Causes Pool Foam?

High levels of organic contaminants, chemical imbalances, and a low calcium level can all cause pool foam. Even if you stay on top of your pool cleaning habits and keep your pool water balanced, pool foam can still make an appearance. Here are some other culprits that you may not have considered:

Hair Products

While gel and hairspray can introduce organic contaminants into your pool, so can residue from your shampoo and conditioner. If this happens, shock your pool with a chlorine shock to bring your pool water back to normal. A chlorine-free shock will work, but it may not give you the best results. To prevent this, rinse off before getting in the pool and make sure to rinse your hair well after shampooing and conditioning. If you tend to use hairspray, mousse, or other similar products, it is a good idea to wash your hair and rinse well before getting in the pool.

Soap & Laundry Detergent

Even though you may think it rinses off in the shower, soap can still leave residue behind; especially those that have moisturizing properties. Laundry detergent tends to linger as well; that’s how your clothes still smell good after being rinsed and dried. To fix this, shock your pool. To prevent it, simply shower before swimming. 

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