Protect Your Patio From Pollen

We’re coming up on pollen season in North Carolina, and unless you have a large outdoor shed or basement to store your patio furniture, there really isn’t anywhere to hide. We only have two tips to protect your patio from pollen season:

  1. Bring all removable cushions indoors when not in use
  2. Cover any furniture in a tarp, drop-cloth or other furniture protector when not in use

What we can offer you are some tips for cleaning up your patio once the pollen strikes:

1) Clean your patio often

The more pollen you get on your patio area and furniture, the harder it will be to clean. If you take the time to clean your patio every two weeks or so, you’ll find the job much easier than waiting until the pollen stops.

2) Create a pollen-busting mixture

Light amounts of pollen will come right off when sprayed with a water hose. So a strong jet of water should be enough to clean the deck area of your patio. But for larger amounts of pollen and pollen buildup on furniture, you’ll probably need a little more help. A simple mixture of dish detergent and warm water will make removing pollen a breeze. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go.

3) Find a clean area

This is one of the most important parts of cleaning your furniture: location. You’ll want to find a clean spot to do your cleaning to reduce the chance of spraying even more pollen and dirt back on the furniture as you work. You should also choose a location in the sun to help your furniture and cushions dry more quickly once you are finished.

4) Clean!

Start by spraying off the frame and cushions of your furniture to remove any loose debris. Then, spray your soap/water mixture heavily across all surfaces. Take a scrub brush and give all surfaces a good scrubbing, making sure that any delicate or damaged areas of your furniture or cushions are treated with care. Then rinse completely with water.

Of course, if your patio furniture is starting to get old and outdated, a good pollen storm may be just the excuse you need to update your patio area. Rising Sun Pools has a fantastic collection of Telescope Casual patio furniture to fit any style or need. Check out our selection here, or stop by one of our locations for more information!