Preventing Pool Stains

No one wants to swim in a pool that looks dirty and stained. Even if you clean your pool regularly and stay on top of your pool maintenance tasks, stains can still work their way in. You will need to know what causes stains in your pools in Raleigh NC in order to prevent them in the future.

Causes of Pool Stains

Berries, leaves, and other organic debris can stain your pool in Raleigh NC if they settle onto surfaces for too long. Metal can also make its way in if your water system has corroded copper pipes or your water comes from a well. Rusted metals from pool equipment, parts, and accessories can be another culprit for stains. Here’s how to identify stains by their color:

  • Blue/green/black: These stains can be caused by berries or leaves. If your pool is not near any berries or leaves, it could be due to the presence of copper in well water or copper piping in your plumbing system.
  • Red/blue: Brightly colored berries are the ones to blame.
  • Brown/black/purple: Manganese, a naturally occurring metal, can be found in well water and municipal water supplies and may cause staining in your pool.
  • Green/brown: These organic stains are likely caused by leaves or other plants.

Preventing Each Stain


In order to keep your Raleigh NC pool free of organic stains, make sure to keep your pool water balanced and vacuum regularly. Skim the surface to keep debris from settling to the bottom and check for stains regularly. If you spot any, remove them before they grow larger. 


Test your pool’s water for metals and use a hose filter when refilling the pool if metals are found to be present. If your pool’s plumbing consists of copper pipes, check them regularly for corrosion. Keep the pH level steady, especially if there is copper in the water; acidic water can eventually cause the copper to stain your pool. Using a metal sequestrant can also help prevent stains by keeping metal particles from settling on the surface, allowing them to be removed by the filter.

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