Preventing Hot Tub Scale

If you are the owner of a hot tub, you have probably become familiar with hot tub scale, which is the buildup of minerals in your hot tub over time. While usually harmless, hot tub scale is not exactly pleasing to the eye and it may damage your fixtures and clog your plumbing if ignored. 

Hot tub scaling is typically caused by hard water, highly alkaline water, water with high iron or calcium, body oils, lotions, or other contaminants. 

Removing Hot Tub Scale

In order to remove hot tub scale, you will need to scrub the areas with a hot tub scale remover to break up the buildup. Once the scaling has been scrubbed away, it will make its way to your filter. You should then clean the filter to remove all the buildup. If you are unable to remove the scaling with water still in the hot tub, drain your tub and then scrub with hot tub scale remover.

Preventing Hot Tub Scale

There are a variety of things you can do to prevent hot tub scaling from invading your spa, which include the following:

Clean the Filter

Start by giving your filter a good cleaning to remove potential contaminants from the filtration system.

Remove Existing Scaling

After your filter has been cleaned, scrub down your hot tub to remove any scaling, as mentioned above.

Check pH

The recommended pH range for hot tubs is between 7.4-7.6. If your pH level is too high, it can cause calcium buildup on the surface of the tub. A high pH level may be caused by high water temperatures. Bringing the pH levels back to their recommended levels will stop the buildup of calcium.

Water Softeners & Filters

Some water sources provide water that is harder than others, meaning that more calcium is present in the water. Each time you fill your hot tub, scale is making its way in. To prevent scaling from taking over, use a filter to remove some of the minerals in the water. You can also try adding water softeners to reduce the minerals. 

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