Preparing Your Rising Sun Pools for the Fall Season

The fall season is a beautiful time of year but as the leaves begin to fall, it is important to keep your pool clean. Although the pool will not be in use this season, it is still highly recommended to prepare it for the fall and winter seasons to be in its best condition next summer. Rising Sun Pools recommends the following tips to prepare your pool for the fall season. 

Cleaning Your Pool

As the colder weather approaches, Rising Sun Pools will not be used as frequently, therefore it is important to prepare for closing. Beginning with properly freeing the pool of dirt and debris by removing accumulated leaves in a pool as it can cause bacteria and algae to grow and even stain the floor of the pool. You always want to make sure to clean your Rising Sun Pool before covering it beginning with skimming the water with a pool skimmer and brushing the walls with a pool brush. Do not forget the skimmer baskets too! Vacuum all surfaces, especially areas that have little circulation as those spots are prone to algae growth. As you are cleaning, make sure the filter is running smoothly and then set it to “waste” in order to send dirty water directly to the drain. Once finished, turn the filter off and set it back to “filter.” Winterizing pool chemicals can be used to control bacterial growth throughout the colder months. 

Pool Deck

Make sure your pool deck is also taken into account to avoid dirt, rain, and snow to penetrate the slab. It is easy for a pool deck to become a slippery surface and slick safety hazard. So as winter approaches it is best to shovel snow regularly to minimize ice levels. Be cautious if you are using salt to melt the ice faster, it can cause your Rising Sun Pools to have a chemical imbalance when the summer returns. Also, do not forget to check the filtration system for leaves and other debris as well. Make sure to blow out any excess water and check the remaining parts thoroughly.

Water Levels

pH levels are important for maintaining your Rising Sun Pools in top condition for the next season. Calcium levels and chlorine will need to maintain a certain pH level during the colder months which is dependent on the pool type. The water levels for each pool also differ due to the pool lining material, finish, type of cover you use, and more. 

Rising Sun Pools

Last but not least, place a cover over your Rising Sun Pools. It is necessary to keep leaves, dirt, debris, rain, and snow out of the pool water. Not sure what pool cover is best for your pool? Contact a Rising Sun Pools expert today!