Preparing Your Pool for Fall

You can never start too early when it comes to preparing your pool for Fall. Just imagine all the leaves that are beginning to change colors… and drop into your pool. Make sure your pool maintains its good shape by following these tips:

Skim The Pool

Make sure to skim the pool and clean out the strainer baskets. Make sure you get to the debris early so it does not sink to the bottom. Not doing so can lead to a murky or green pool due to increased bacteria and algae in the water. Built-up leaves that sink to the bottom can stain your pool and attract algae growth. Empty your skimmer box and pump basket regularly during this time of year as there is a higher chance of debris falling into your pool. 


Maintain your pool’s good condition by vacuuming the bottom and brushing the walls/tiles. Make sure your vacuuming strokes overlap, kind of like when you mow your lawn. This ensures that you get all of the debris that could be coating the bottom without missing a spot. Vacuuming your pool keeps your pool water balanced and your chemicals working efficiently.

Clean the Filter

Make sure your pool stays clean as the temperatures drop. Clean your swimming pool filter regularly to help you avoid it getting clogged with leaves. Not only will keeping your filter clean give you cleaner pool water, but it will also help the filter run longer and more efficiently. 

Service Your Heater

Make sure your swimming pool heater is working properly and consider consulting a professional to service it. Calcium scales can build up and cause your heater to become less effective.

Check Your Water Chemistry

Fall means a change in temperature, leaves falling, and rainy days. With all these changes happening, you need to make sure your water has the proper chemistry. This will help prevent scales from forming as well as cloudy water, corrosion, and other types of pool damage. 

Check for Cracks

If there are cracks in your pool deck, get them sealed before they have the chance to get worse. Cracks allow moisture to seep in and as temperatures drop, the moisture can freeze and cause even deeper cracks plus greater damage. 

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