Preparing Your Pool For a Storm

With Hurricane Season in full swing, storms can cause your pool to be contaminated with debris like dirt, mud, and bacteria. Although you may not be able to keep your pool completely debris-free, there are measures you can take to prevent damage as well as potential bacteria and algae growth. Here’s how to protect your pool before a storm.

Avoid Draining the Water

If there’s a big storm coming, you may feel like you need to completely drain your pool to prevent it from overflowing and causing an even bigger mess. However, draining your pool leaves the pool walls and floor unprotected, leaving it susceptible to scratches or damage. Keeping the water in the pool will ultimately be an easier clean-up in the end.

Leave It Open

Placing a cover over your pool may only protect it for a short time, as strong winds and heavy rain can lift it right off. If you leave your cover on during a storm, it will be vulnerable to sharp branches and other flying debris. Keeping the cover off also prevents a difficult removal if it becomes weighed down with water and debris.

Balance & Control

Balancing and adding algae controller into your pool water before a storm will save you a lot of work when the sun comes out again. By doing this, most of the organic contaminants that get blown into the pool will be eliminated. Any remaining contaminants should be destroyed by shocking your pool after the storm.

Clean Up

Remove toys, furniture, and any other items in or surrounding your pool before the storm and store them in a safe place, such as a shed or basement. This ensures that no easily preventable damage is done to your pool.

Turn Off Power

Prevent potentially dangerous electrical issues by turning off the power to your pool equipment, including your pump, motor, filter, heater, chlorinator, and lighting fixtures. Take preventative measures for damaging winds, rain, and debris by covering your pool equipment with a large plastic tarp or waterproof covering. Tie the covering down tightly to ensure no water gets to the equipment.

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

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