How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for a Storm

With spring just around the corner, the Triangle will likely start to see an increase in the development of thunderstorms. When the forecast calls for stormy weather, it’s important to remember to take care of your hot tub.

Without the necessary preparation, damage can occur to the sides of the tub, the cover and even to the water in the form of contamination.

In situations where you have ample warning of an impending storm, follow these actions to help prevent damage to your spa.

  1. Make sure the cover is securely locked and strapped down. This will prevent heavy winds from flipping the cover open or even removing it completely. It will also help maintain water heat for efficiency and keep items out of the tub.
  2. Do not place heavy objects, such as bricks, on top of the cover. This could end up causing additional damage to the top of the cover.
  3. To further protect your cover, you can strap down a thin piece of plywood on top to help prevent against punctures from branches and other sharp flying objects. Be sure to place a thin towel or sheet between the wood and the cover.
  4. Prevent damage to the spa’s circuit board by temporarily turning off the circuit breaker if you are experiencing frequent power disruptions. Multiple power surges can cause significant damage to your tub’s circuit board.
  5. If you are anticipating a powerful storm, shut down anything connected to your hot tub that uses electricity, including the pump, lighting, etc.
  6. Do not drain the water from your tub, as the added weight of it can help prevent the wind from blowing over the spa.
  7. Add extra chemicals to the water like bromine or chlorine to help the water stay clean, even if some storm water gets inside.
  8. Pick up objects around your hot tub that may be prone to flying around during heavy winds. This includes items like patio furniture, trash cans and potted plants, which can all cause damage to the sides or top of the tub.

With a little preparation, you can help keep your hot tub protected from significant damage during major thunderstorms, reducing the possibility of costly repairs down the road.