Spring Coupons & Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

It’s time to prep your pool for spring & summer!

The easiest way to get your pool ready for summer is to let us do it for you. But, if you plan to do it yourself, be sure to follow the guidelines & tips below:

  • Pump the water off your pool cover. If you have a Loop Loc cover, follow these instructions to clean and remove your cover. You should pump the water off of Loop Loc and other types of solid pool covers with an automatic cover pump. Be sure to look for holes as you pump water off, because if your cover has holes, you’ll inadvertently drain your pool.
  • Remove debris from your pool cover. Clear away all branches, leaves and other debris off the cover to prevent it from ending up in your pool.
  • Remove all the gadgets and plugs from inside your pool. You will need to remove all items that may have been in your pool during the winter, such as skimmer and return fittings.  Add water to the middle of the skimmer.
  • Start up your filtering equipment. Re-install the plugs for your filter, pumps and heaters. Put baskets in your pumps and skimmers. Open your skimmer, main drain and return valves.  Put the multiport valve in the ‘waste’ position to clean out the lines, then put it back in the filter position. Note: always have pump off when moving the multiport valve position. You may need to prime your pump by adding water into the pump basket. This may take several times to get all the air out of the plumbing. Start your pump.
  • Re-install all deck equipment. Take a few moments to inspect equipment like ladders and handrails for wear and damage. Equipment that has stainless steel components should be cleaned with car wax to protect from corrosion.
  • Test Your Water. After starting up your pool equipment, let it run for 24 hours before taking a water sample. Be sure that you take a sample from at least 1 foot below the surface. Test your water using test strips and adjust the chemistry as needed.
  • Enjoy!

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Save $10 on Pool Chemistry Bundle Pack

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Save $10 on Pool Opening Service

Take $10 off when you preschedule your complete pool opening service.  You must schedule by 3/15/16.  Requested weeks may have limited availability due to high demand.

Save $5 on Summerizing System

(Does not include cover removal)

Special Maintenance Package Savings

To fit the needs of every Rising Sun Pools customer, we offer weekly, biweekly (twice-a-month), monthly or temporary clean-up maintenance packages. We are currently offering the following specials for our packages:

  • Weekly and Biweekly Maintenance Customers: FREE first maintenance session when you sign the contract by March 15, 2016 (chemicals not included, up to a $65 value)
  • Monthly and Temporary Clean-up Maintenance Customers: $10 off first maintenance session when you sign the contract by March 15, 2016


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Additional Pool Maintenance Resources

If you need additional information on pool maintenance, check out the documents and resources on our Pool Maintenance Resource page.