Pool Covers

A pool safety cover can provide added peace of mind. Not only does it provide protection for your family, but it also helps keep your pool free of debris and it can protect your pool from potential damage. 

Safety pool covers must be in compliance with ASTM F 1346-91 Standard Performance Specification for Safety Covers and Labeling Requirements for All Covers for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs. Do not confuse safety covers with other pool covers which are used to save energy (solar covers) and keep debris out of the pool.

We are proud to sell LOOP-LOC pool covers. These covers are available in your choice of green, black, blue, gray or tan, so there's a LOOP-LOC pool cover color to complement just about any décor. Take a look and see just how beautiful (and simple) protecting your family can be.

Regardless of the type of cover you choose, there are automatic and manual models. Consult with Rising Sun Pools representative for the type and model that best meets your particular needs. For safe installation, use and maintenance of these covers, carefully read and follow the directions from the manufacturer.