Pool Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

While the 2020 year shook the foundation of life for many, there was one positive thing to come out of this situation. We learned that a home can be an oasis, a staycation destination, and a place to find peace amidst the storm of quarantine. With being isolated to our homes, people got creative and began home renovations and upgrades, increasing in popularity as the year progressed. These upgrades included new trends for backyard pools and hot tubs Raleigh NC. Now that 2021 is right around the corner, we can expect the backyard pool craze to continue. Are you looking forward to the up and coming trends of pool design for 2021? Here are a few that you can expect to see: 

Lazy Rivers

Bring a waterpark favorite right to your backyard with the unique trend of adding in a lazy river to your poolscape. While the design and course of action in building this relaxing addition can be difficult, Rising Sun Pools and Spa’s designers are more than ready for the challenge of creating your perfect lazy day activity. 


If your backyard just doesn’t seem to have room for a lazy river, let alone a pool, think again. The trend of spools or cocktail pools are defying what was once considered “too small” and turning it into “just enough.” Many assume their backyard is too small to build any sort of substantial pool, but we are here to prove them wrong by utilizing available space to construct pools roughly 400 square feet around and no greater than 4 feet in depth. Homeowners can incorporate jets and heating for the pool to be built similar to spas or hot tubs Raleigh NC

Decorative Additions

Out with the old, common, square, or circular pool and hot tubs Raleigh NC shapes and in with decorative installments such as acrylic walls, tile inlays, and rain descendants. Adding acrylic panels to a swimming pool makes for a versatile design, a sound, waterproof, and long-lasting structure, and is quite aesthetically pleasing. Tile inlays are charming and can display individuality in design and creation. Many are deciding to convert their backyard pools into pieces of art by selecting a tile inlay. Lastly, add to the ambiance of an outdoor oasis by constantly having the sound of rain at the touch of a button. Rain descendants are beautiful additions to any indoor and outdoor pool by not only providing a water feature but also adding a piece of artwork to the area. Rain descendants can come in many different shapes and sizes and have a variety of functions. 

Turn your backyard into an at-home oasis with any of these 2021 pool trends and Rising Sun Pools and Spas. Contact us today to get your unique and creative design ideas underway for your property to be transitioned in no time.